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A Mobile Focused User Experience

As a result of the fact that 60% of internet users are surfing the web from smartphones, we developed the Mobile Focused design approach. The Mobile Focused approach involves reversing traditional design processes by starting with the mobile site first.

We build websites using proven techniques to ensure that it looks beautiful on the cell phone, then work our way up to an incredible product. User experience is a term traditionally applied only to web applications. We help you stay on the cutting edge by optimizing your website to give your users the best experience possible.

Why Mobile Focused?

We all know what it’s like to visit a website on our smartphones only to be agitated by a website that is not mobile-friendly, which would require zooming, scrolling, and searching. Sometimes it doesn't even display at all. We focus on the customer’s ability to access your website via smartphone and be able to easily navigate your content with zero stress.

Your website’s mobile version will not only be beautifully designed and presentable, it will also be more favorable on search engine results than websites that are not mobile-friendly, and encourage viewers to return again and again.

Responsive Web Design

All Website Design Companies Are Not Created Equal

When many people think of web design, they do not realize that not all website design companies are not created equal. WordPress Web Design & Development is an extremely vague term, and doesn't scratch the surface of what we really do. User experience and conversion optimization are fancy words you may not hear often - yet they have the power to make or break your online marketing campaign.

With Web Chimpy, your website is an investment. It is an extension of your brand that will be built and optimized to convert its visitors into leads to increase your bottom line.

Why does my business need a wordpress website?

In this age of computers, we are now more connected than ever. Having a website is now a necessity for businesses. Here are some important reasons why a quality website is so crucial:

1. Your Website is Often Your First (And Only) Impression

Yelp did a survey and found that 85% of consumers go online to find local businesses. Since your website will often be the first thing your customers see, a professional website helps you build trust and increase customer confidence.

2. Websites Increase Revenue

The Small Business Administration reported that businesses with websites average $1.07 million more in revenue per year than those without one. That is a 39% increase.

3. Your Website is a Sales Team that Never Sleeps

Your website should be more than a source of information. It should be a tool at the center of your marketing. A quality website will be built to capture your visitor’s attention and effectively convert them into leads, and ultimately customers.

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Featured Testimonial

Eddie Douglas

Owner, Douglas Residential Renovations

"Very professional, easy to work with, and great follow up. Since Web Chimpy designed our website we have noticed an increase in customer inquiries."

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